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From veganism to Bolivian markets and everything in between

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The Journal Tribune
Just a few weeks ago I journeyed back to Saco, Maine to write a feature story about a local fashion designer Michaela Courtney who created a knitwear collection depicting the story of coastal erosion and climate breakdown in Camp Ellis, Maine. I conducted interviews and photographed the collection at the site of its very inspiration. 
The Daily Targum Hard NEWS samples
I covered a variety of stories in the New Brunswick and Rutgers community. 

Dianova International Writing Intern for the UN High Level Political Forum: 

I attended meetings which brought foreign diplomats, civil society and CEOs together to discuss issues related to climate change and gender inequality. 

"Annoying Vegan Millennial" Opinion Column samples: 

Hot 104.7 Maine Radio Station Blogs
Harness Magazine
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