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September 24, 2016

X: “Mitch and Irene are about to buy their dream lottery home,” says HGTV voice. 


What is the difference between a dream lottery home and a dream home?


Aren’t our dreams grounded in fantasy anyway? Aren’t our dreams outlandish to begin with? Aren’t our dreams void of consideration of money thus disabling any actual amount of money to amplify them more?


Or is the Emerald City a dream tainted by green currency. Money has the power to infest some of our most sacred and wildest dreams. Money changes our very context, enabling the unthinkable to actually become thinkable. Thus creating even more outlandish dreams. 


It’s kind of like education. How do we know what is possible discover if we do not know what exists. Baseline knowledge is one dimensional but it enables endless dimensions of knowledge. Knowledge compounds. But you can’t compound air. For nothingness squared is more nothingness.


So Mitch and Irene continue to search for their dream home, now delineating preference between their “lottery dream homes”. Now each outlandish dream is distinct from one another. Each home portrays charming characteristics. Mitch and Irene develop a canon of unique personal preferences regarding their lottery dream home. 


Mitch and Irene are contemplating whether they want a 6th bathroom or a sauna. A wine cellar or a man cave. A fireplace in both the den and the master or just one fireplace plus an outdoor shower. 


Their dreams never became less outlandish, they just moved closer toward fruition, to reality. Mitch and Irene’s dreams continued to compound, now they are dancing in the 5,687th dimension and they are alone. Rhythm is eerily quiet with only two people compared to the large jazz band in the downtown coffee shop Mitch and Irene always frequented. 


Their millions enabled them to acquire a new planet. This planet called Plutus is Mitch and Irene’s new reality. This planet is uniquely their own, complete with six bathrooms, a wine cellar and two fireplaces. Yet their planet is so far away. 


Plutus’ arteries are clogged with greed and commodities, causing it to shun the true treasures which belong to the hearts of Mitch and Irene’s. Family, friends, coffeeshops, fresh basil, thank you cards, craft beer and surprises are all left producing their own rhythm in their own reality, Mitch and Irene’s former reality-now Mitch and Irene’s most outlandish dream. 

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