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Inverted Desire

August 16, 2016

*Work in the general store and maybe one day you will be able to move to New York.*

*Start in your local radio and maybe you will be on NBC.*

*Take a job at the tailor and maybe you can work for Givenchy.*

*Start writing locally and maybe you can work for a PR firm.* 



What do you get? The old desires. The equation used to go a little like this: Start small, get bored enough to dream of a life of complexity in a highly dense metropolis. 


Now, invert every one of those sentences.


What do you get? The new desires. The equation goes a little like this: it seems as though every single one of our desires is to escape grandness. 


We desire simplicity only after complexity. There is always wreckage in the wake of a storm. And after all it is this wreckage which we fear, not the storm itself. There can be a tornado in the middle of the Atlantic, a huge one. It may make our bums pop a little hire on our yachts or make our water sports a little more fun, but it will never result in wreckage. 


Grandness is such a storm. A big one. It causes us all to duck for cover.


We duck through a mass exodus of grandness. We are left in a wreckage of locality and smallness. Minute is oh so cute. 




I went to a local coffee shop where the owner was a former Johnson and Johnson employee. He and another former employee worked in the tech department. 


They quit their jobs and decided to start their own small business.


They had acquired enough capital that they didn’t need to know exactly what the business would be. 


The two entrepreneurs drove down Easton Avenue, the hotspot for local eats and treats near Rutgers University, in search for vacant spaces to start the mystery business. 


They found a little underground basement space..and then found the business. Out of the underground basement which resembled a frat house in its infancy, the founders decided on coffee. Yes, the pretentious step-child of wine. Coffee and its hipster ways would grace the streets of Easton Avenue. 


The business would be a local, trendy and a most Instagram worthy coffee shop whose ambiance would advertise itself. 


The two together escaped such grandness through an exodus to a mecca known as locality.


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