Oh millennials and their Instagram...


During my time with RVision, the broadcast division of Rutgers Athletics, I worked in a broadcast truck and operated live camera streams which aired on the Big Ten Network. I helped shoot and edit a variety of highlight packages. 

RNL XVI Digital Short. Directed: Christopher Micheal

Participation Generation: Generation Y, aka the Millennial, are not here to play around. Youth are at the forefront of social change and are making their voices heard on a variety of stages. This documentary covers several student activists who attended the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. This 2-week annual session is held at the UN headquarters and acts as the world's intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of global gender equality. Witness an exclusive look at millennials in action and how youth are becoming evermore deserving of their participation trophies.

Directed: Morgan Sanguedolce

Executive Producer: Francesca Petrucci

Rutgers Night Live: A sketch comedy group that is only a little less funny than Saturday Night Live with all original sketches and digital shorts

RNL XV Digital Short. Directed: Christopher Micheal

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